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Precautions needed to help limit accidnts using machinery


Precautions needed to help limit accidnts using machinery

South Carolina workers, especially those who work with machines, know that safety is of utmost importance in the workplace. They may not be aware, however, that there are measures they or their employers can take to maintain a safe working environment. Using equipment can speed up the work process, but any machine can become harmful if not used properly.

One protective measure involves using guarding around a machine. Whether this is a barrier or light curtain, guarding can help a worker from being hit by flying debris. Workers should also wear the necessary protective safety gear. For example, goggles protect the eyes from flying objects.

Workers using machines need to focus on what they’re doing, so others should try not to distract them. Any break in the operator’s concentration could prove disastrous. Workers also should not touch moving parts of a machine. They might get a limb caught in the part, resulting in serious injury or even loss of that limb.

Workers should not operate any machine they have not been properly trained to use. Doing so could cause unpleasant results. Companies should provide training by someone who already knows how to use the equipment.

Unfortunately, safety measures may not be enough to prevent workers from being injured on the job. When someone is hurt on the job, he or she may be legible for benefits under South Carolina’s workers’ compensation program. Benefits can include present and future medical bills, lost wages if the injured person is unable to work, and retraining if the worker cannot return to his or her pre-injury position. Workers whose claims have been denied or who have run into roadblocks along the way may want to contact a workers’ compensation attorney who may be able to assist with the claim.