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Tactics for dealing with aggressive drivers


Tactics for dealing with aggressive drivers

Heavy traffic has a way of upsetting some drivers in South Carolina. Anyone might encounter one of these angry and aggressive motorists who is overcome by road rage. They might tailgate and honk and flash their high beams in an effort to force a slower driver aside. Road raging drivers might also cut people off in traffic or steal parking spaces. For the sake of safety, the offended parties should strive to stay calm around angry drivers.

Although rude drivers naturally anger others, people should resist losing their tempers. Honking or displaying vulgar hand gestures will only worsen the situation. Nasty responses could trigger the offending party to drive even more recklessly. People should also avoid making eye contact with angry drivers because someone in the grip of road rage might view it as a challenge.

When an impatient driver wants to pass on a multi-lane highway, the slower driver should use the turn signal to show that the message has been received. The signal might prevent the aggressive driver from passing on the right. Motorists should change lanes as soon as it is safe to do so. When navigating thick traffic, people should strive to give their vehicles a buffer zone of a few extra feet between vehicles. This space could give drivers room to maneuver when confronted by hostile drivers.

A reckless driver who causes an accident could face financial responsibility for the resulting injuries. A person struck by a negligent driver could seek out the support of an attorney who litigates car accidents. Such an attorney might know how to challenge an uncooperative insurance company. To build a strong accident claim for damages, legal counsel could investigate the cause of the accident and collect medical records about the victim’s pain and suffering and medical expenses.