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Anchor points help prevent workplace injuries


Anchor points help prevent workplace injuries

South Carolina employees who work from high locations at construction zones, industrial sites and other workplaces are at an increased risk of fall injuries. In order to improve workplace safety, a strong fall prevention and arrest system is necessary to keep workers supported in case of a slip or accident.

Because of the danger of workplace injuries caused by falls from heights, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has created federal safety regulations to help ensure that workers receive proper protections. For example, OSHA regulates the strength of anchor points to which workers are affixed. Based on the average weight of a worker, OSHA requires that every anchor point should support either 5,000 pounds per person or twice the amount of force generated by a falling worker.

Some safety experts advise simply ensuring that all anchor points meet the 5,000-pound criterion. However, an anchor point that supports twice the amount of force generated by a falling worker can also satisfy the regulation. In any case, testing is necessary before relying on an anchor point. It’s important to note that these points can mean the difference between life and death in a workplace accident.

Unfortunately, far too many workplaces are unsafe for the employees who do their jobs every day. Even at sites with a keen eye for workplace safety, accidents and injuries can be a common and dangerous occurrence. A worker who has been injured on the job can consult with a workers’ compensation attorney about their rights. Legal counsel could help make sure a hurt employee gets the benefits to which they are entitled.