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The many causes of highway fatalities


The many causes of highway fatalities

Unsafe driving, poor road design and inclement weather all contribute to highway fatalities in South Carolina. Therefore, drivers should understand what particular factors are most commonly involved so that they can exercise greater caution around the region’s highways.

Distracted driving is a growing issue as smartphones, infotainment systems and other cutting-edge systems become more common in vehicles. However, it isn’t simply texting or speaking on the phone that can increase the risk for accidents. Anything that takes the eyes off the road, from eating to switching the radio to putting on makeup, can be described as a distraction.

Impaired driving is also all too common as people get behind the wheel after consuming excessive amounts of alcohol or drugs. These chemicals can impair a driver’s judgment, reflexes, vision and perception of speed and depth. Even buzzed driving after a moderate amount of alcohol is also considered dangerous.

Sometimes, roads can be fraught with tight corners, narrow shoulders, blind intersections and other design quirks. These are often inevitable when streets are built around certain geographical features, but drivers must nonetheless be cautious when faced with them. Drivers should also be cautious in rainy or snowy weather, which can obscure visibility and make roads slick.

When car accidents are caused by negligence, the victim may be eligible for compensation. This could be true even if the victim contributed partly to the accident. A car accident lawyer could help a victim negotiate for a fair settlement that covers medical costs, lost wages and other damages.