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NFPA 70E aims to reduce injuries, improve productivity


NFPA 70E aims to reduce injuries, improve productivity

For South Carolina employers that need to ensure an electrically safe workplace, NFPA 70E is important. This standard was developed at OSHA’s request as a way to balance the organization’s top-down approach with efforts coming from private industries themselves. Looking at NFPA 70E as more than a collection of rules and procedures can help employers really improve safety.

The standard is not simply meant to ensure efficiency in the workplace. If employers regard it as such, they may be in danger of putting the bottom line before employee health and safety. As a guide to a safe workplace, though, NFPA 70E can indirectly improve overall efficiency by reducing the chances of injuries and fatalities.

With its Job Briefing and Planning Checklist, NFPA 70E helps employers and employees come up with a definite approach to work. After all, lack of information before starting work, and the lack of a method in doing the work, can be a major factor in accidents.

A clear plan can improve efficiency in the workplace. Employees will not have to make multiple visits mid-work to grab tools, PPE, testing equipment, portable lighting or whatever else would have slipped their minds without a plan.

While employers can follow all the right safety standards, they cannot prevent every accident. This is understandable. If employers have workers’ compensation insurance, their injured workers may be able to file for benefits that cover medical expenses and a portion of lost wages. Victims, for their part, should know that employers can potentially deny payment. If an injured worker wants to mount an appeal, a lawyer could provide valuable assistance.