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Motorcyclists at risk on the road


Motorcyclists at risk on the road

South Carolina motorcyclists face serious risks on the road, even when they try their best to stay safe. Their level of exposure to the elements and significantly heavier vehicles mean that a crash can be catastrophic. While many people love the freedom afforded by bikes, they can come with serious risks. First, the behavior of others on the road can escalate the danger for motorcyclists. Two-thirds of the crashes that involve other vehicles involve the other car or truck violating the motorcycle’s right of way.

While most motorcycle accidents are caused by other drivers’ negligence, motorcyclists pay the highest price. Bikers are 26 times more likely to be killed in a collision than people in a passenger car; they are also 5 times as likely to suffer injuries, and motorcycle accidents are more than twice as fatal than they were two decades ago. Hazards on the road that a car may easily avoid may be much more difficult for a motorcyclist to deal with, such as potholes or puddles. Other drivers may simply not notice motorcycles due to their smaller size, especially in darkness or inclement weather.

In general, claims involving motorcycle accidents involve a determination of negligence. South Carolina uses a comparative negligence rule, which means that an injured motorcyclist may still be able to recover if he or she was also negligent in a crash caused by another driver. The biker’s award would be reduced based on the amount which the motorcyclist was at fault.

People injured in motorcycle crashes may face traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord damage or other life-changing trauma. A personal injury lawyer can help injured motorcyclists to pursue compensation for their damages, including medical bills and lost wages.