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Tips to keep farm workers safe


Tips to keep farm workers safe

In 2016, 417 workers in the agricultural industry lost their lives at work. Furthermore, there are roughly 100 injuries per day to workers in this sector in South Carolina and throughout the country. That is according to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). Accidents are most likely to happen during times when workers are rushing to get a job done or during an emergency such as tending to a sick animal.

OSHA regulations generally need to be met if a farm has 11 or more workers who are not family members. Tractor and other vehicle rollovers are a common cause of injury and death while doing farm work. Workers can protect themselves by wearing seat belts while in a moving vehicle. Roll bars and helmets are other forms of safety equipment that should be used while in a UTV or an ATV.

A written safety plan is also necessary for farms that must abide by OSHA regulations. They must generally be written in multiple languages to ensure that all employees can read and understand it clearly. In addition to a safety plan, proper training can prevent injuries and deaths on farms of any size. Training can be especially helpful to those who have less experience as they may be more prone to making mistakes.

If a person is injured on the job, he or she may be entitled to compensation for that injury. Compensation could help to pay lost wages and medical bills incurred because in the aftermath of a workplace accident. Ideally, injured workers will notify their employers about an accident and seek treatment immediately. An attorney may be able to review a workers’ compensation case and answer any questions that a worker may have about the process of getting benefits.