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Officers will target speeders during Operation Safe Driver Week


Officers will target speeders during Operation Safe Driver Week

South Carolina truck drivers hate getting speeding tickets, but research shows they reduce traffic-related accidents, injuries and deaths. Due to their effectiveness, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance will be focusing on speeding violations during its annual Operation Safe Driver Week, which is scheduled for July 14 to 20 in 2019.

During the initiative, law enforcement officers across the US will target commercial and passenger vehicle drivers who are traveling above the posted speed limit. They will also be on the lookout for drivers who are distracted, drunk, or drugged; texting while behind the wheel; tailgating; making improper lane changes; driving recklessly; or aren’t wearing their seat belts.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that speeding was a factor in 94% of all US car accidents in 2015. The agency also reports that speeding played a role in 26% of all fatal accidents in 2017. Meanwhile, the CVSA reports that speeding has been a contributing factor in nearly a third of all fatal crashes for more than two decades. While drivers don’t like getting speeding tickets, a 2014 CVSA study found that the “Click It or Ticket” anti-speeding campaign reduced traffic fatalities by approximately 11%. It also found that fatalities decreased by around 0.28% for every 1% increase in traffic citations issued. During the 2018 Operation Safe Driver event, law enforcement personnel issued 18,877 speeding tickets to drivers across the country.

Individuals who are injured in speed-related truck accidents might wish to pursue a legal claim in court. By filing a personal injury lawsuit, it may be possible to obtain a settlement that offers compensation for medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, lost wages, pain and suffering and other crash-related damages. An attorney familiar with truck crash claims could evaluate a victim’s case and recommend the best legal remedy available.