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The most common causes of motorcycle accidents


The most common causes of motorcycle accidents

There are few experiences more exhilarating than riding a motorcycle. Every day, millions of people set out on a two-wheeled excursion, eager to feel the wind in their faces as the engine roars beneath them.

Unfortunately, riding a motorcycle can also lead to serious injuries, the likes of which can put you out of work for an extended period of time, or even permanently. Here are some of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents.


Motorcycles typically have plenty of speed to spare on the roadways. Riding above the speed limit is a dangerous practice no matter what, yet it becomes even more perilous when the driver has little to no protection, like on a motorcycle. As of 2017, speeding causes over 30% of motorcycle fatalities. Be sure to always monitor how fast you are going when you take your bike out for a spin.

Left turns

A left turn is one of the most dangerous moments of a motorcyclist’s ride, both when he or she makes one and when another driver makes one. Motorcycles, being much smaller than cars, trucks, etc., can be difficult to see in a vehicle’s side mirrors. In the instances when the bike is in the vehicle’s blind spot, a left turn can result in a serious accident. The inverse is also dangerous, for four-wheel automobile drivers occasionally do not see the motorcycle’s turn signals. While you are on your motorcycle, be sure to give the vehicles behind you plenty of notice before you make your turn.

Bad road conditions 

In general, motorcycles are less stable than four-wheel automobiles. As such, they are not as sturdy or capable of dealing with shoddy road conditions, namely cracked pavement or wet streets. These imperfections on roadways can cause serious accidents, especially when they meet lighter motorcycles or inexperienced riders. Be sure to check the weather before you set out on a drive, and always be cautious no matter how beautiful of a day it is. A motorcyclist’s number one priority should always be safety, and bad road conditions can drastically reduce how safe a ride is.