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On-the-job injury, financial survival and finding new work


On-the-job injury, financial survival and finding new work

If you suffer an injury on the job you likely qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. 

However, if your injury prevents you from returning to the workforce, how will you survive financially and how do you go about finding a new job? 

Income benefits

If you sustain a work-related injury, you could qualify for one of four types of income benefits through workers’ compensation: 

  • Temporary Income benefits 
  • Supplemental Income benefits 
  • Impairment income benefits 
  • Lifetime income benefits 

Temporary, impairment and lifetime income benefits are subject to a minimum under South Carolina law. The state also sets a maximum weekly amount for all income benefits. Most injured workers can expect to receive two-thirds of their average weekly earnings. As of 2012, the maximum allowable weekly benefit is $725.47. 

Vocational rehabilitation

Also called vocational counseling, vocational rehabilitation helps injured workers develop their skills and abilities in order to transition back to their former job or into a new one. The employer may either provide in-house counseling or outsource the program to specialist companies. If the injured worker has the abilities and desire to rejoin the workforce but is not yet medically capable, the counselor will ensure that vocational training gets underway as soon as the employee is able to begin. 

A look ahead

Recovery from your injury may take a considerable length of time during which you and your family may have to rely on less income than you received before the injury occurred. With legal guidance, you may not only be able to find a job suited to your skills and abilities but also the maximum pay you deserve while waiting to return to work.