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Do you understand these technical workers’ compensation terms?


Do you understand these technical workers’ compensation terms?

If you suffer an injury at work, you may worry about supporting yourself and your family. After all, depending on the nature of your injury, you may not be able to perform your job duties. You also may not be physically capable of doing any other job.

The workers’ compensation system provides financial benefits to individuals who sustain work-related injuries. Regrettably, though, the program has some terminology you may not understand. While grasping the definitions of the lingo may be beneficial, an experienced workers’ compensation attorney can help you navigate a confusing system.

Average weekly wage

In South Carolina, injured workers are eligible to receive 66.67% of their average weekly wage, which is the average amount a typical worker earns in a week. There is a cap, though, as workers’ compensation recipients cannot earn more than the average weekly wage of all South Carolina workers. Currently, that amount is $903.40.

Workers’ compensation depositions

If you receive a denial of your initial application for workers’ compensation benefits, you may have to request a hearing. Before the hearing, your employer’s attorney may take your deposition. In the deposition, you must provide answers under oath to questions about your injury and employability.

Workers’ compensation hearings

When the day of your hearing, you appear before a workers’ compensation commissioner. You may have to answer some questions at the hearing. Witnesses may also testify. You can expect your hearing to be short and informal. After your hearing, you should receive a determination within a few weeks.

While the meanings of workers’ compensation terms can be confusing, receiving the benefits you deserve often depends on understanding technical language. Ultimately, by working with a qualified workers’ compensation attorney, you avoid making the critical mistakes that often come with misunderstanding lingo.