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How does the trucking industry contribute to crashes?


How does the trucking industry contribute to crashes?

The trucking industry has many flaws, just as any other industry does. Unfortunately, some of these flaws can impact the health of a driver, which can turn them into a hazard for other cars on the road.

In ways both direct and indirect, the trucking industry contributes to crashes. But how and why is this the case?

Unrealistic expectations of workers

Time discusses the way truckers feel overworked due to the supply chain crisis. Because of the immense pressure to speed up deliveries to fill the gaps in supply, many trucking companies push unreasonable demands and expectations onto their workers in the hopes that they can get more deliveries done in a faster span of time.

They also tend to bribe workers in the same way. For example, a trucking company may offer cash bonuses to drivers who complete a certain amount of deliveries in a set period of time, but this period is often quite short and may require a worker to skimp out on needed sleep.

A toxic atmosphere

The atmosphere and culture of the trucking industry also contribute to crashes. Unfortunately, a toxic belief persists among many truckers that they should simply “suck it up” if they feel tired and rely on wakefulness tricks to push through.

Unfortunately, there is no foolproof wakefulness trick that will work every single time. On top of that, these tricks only work in short bursts and leave a driver vulnerable afterward. This sense of machismo can easily lead to a driver overestimating their ability and falling asleep at the wheel, causing a horrific and avoidable crash.