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3 tips for filing a successful workers’ compensation claim


3 tips for filing a successful workers’ compensation claim

If you have experienced a work-related injury, you may be deeply worried about how you will manage to make ends meet during and after your recovery.

In South Carolina, your employer’s workers’ compensation policy may provide important benefits like medical coverage and repayment for lost wages. Unfortunately, even if you are eligible for benefits, your employer’s insurance company may deny your claim if you do not follow certain basic guidelines.

1. Report your injury immediately

As soon as you are able after a work-related injury, make sure to report the incident to your manager, supervisor and/or on-site nurse. This establishes an official record of your injury. Additionally, failing to report an injury within a certain period may lead to an automatic denial of your benefits claim.

2. Seek approved medical care

If your injury requires emergency treatment, you may not have a choice about which provider you visit for urgent care. However, for any follow-up appointments, you may need to visit a physician on your employer’s approved list to remain eligible for benefits.

3. Build a strong case for your workers’ benefits

From the date of your initial injury, make sure that you let health care providers know that you were injured while doing your job. It is also important to keep track of medical records related to the incident, including tests, diagnoses and treatments as well as physician notes about how your injury has impacted your ability to work.

Whether to are preparing to file for workers’ comp or an insurer has already denied your claim, know that receiving an initial rejection does not necessarily mean you are not eligible for benefits. By appealing your case with better documentation, you may be able to receive the benefits you and your family need.