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Workplace injury risks you face as an educator


Workplace injury risks you face as an educator

Whether you teach young children, older kids or even adults, it is vital to understand the workplace injury risks that you could encounter. In fact, many teachers, trainers and librarians suffer serious injuries every year as a result of accidents that occur while they work, and some even lose their lives.

Even though teaching sometimes does not seem very dangerous in comparison to other occupations, such as construction, you need to recognize the potential risks that could cause you to become injured while teaching.

Data on educators and injuries at work

The Bureau of Labor Statistics covers workplace injuries and deaths involving teachers. BLS data shows that in 2014, more than 36,500 people who had education, library and training jobs had to take time off of work as a result of work-related injuries and illnesses. For every 10,000 full-time educators in 2014, 59 sustained job-related injuries and illnesses leading to missed work.

Workplace injury risks to look out for as an educator

While performing your job duties, you could suffer an injury in various ways. For example, you could slip on a slick floor or trip over a cord. You could become hurt in a transportation-related accident or as a result of overexertion or exposure to a dangerous substance. It is also important to note that some educators suffer injuries as a result of violence.

If you are dealing with the aftermath of a work-related injury as an educator, you need to go over all of your options. For example, workers’ compensation could help you recover from a work-related accident, whether you need to train for a different job or you need help with medical costs.