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How do rollover truck accidents happen?


How do rollover truck accidents happen?

Traveling along the road with trucks near you may put you on edge when you notice them swerving wildly and struggling to stay on their side of the road.

Dealing with a rollover accident can leave you with serious injuries, such as brain damage and spinal cord trauma.

Sudden stops

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, a large truck has more weight near the top of the vehicle than most cars. When stopping quickly, a truck may start to tip and roll over when this weight threatens to turn the whole vehicle over instead of staying in one place.

Even a moment of distraction can cause a trucker to look away from the traffic around them and need to use the brakes suddenly.

Aggression toward others

A trucker that chooses to speed and intimidate another driver in reaction to an insult can put people around them at risk. Not only can speeding lead to a trucker losing control of their truck and rolling over, but it can also make it harder to steer when strong winds or obstacles cause them to panic.

Taking a turn too sharply will make the weight of the truck shift. Aggressively switching lanes in order to follow other vehicles can create a crash when the driver fails to control their temper.

Ignored road rules

Truckers who ignore stop signs and red lights put themselves and others at risk. No matter what speed they are driving, they can still run over a pothole or other obstacle and roll over.

Understanding the source of these accidents and how they contribute to truck accidents is important if you get hurt in a crash.