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What can happen to your work relations after filing workers’ compensation?


What can happen to your work relations after filing workers’ compensation?

When you sustain a devastating injury on the job, you likely have no choice but to file for workers’ compensation to get the financial support you need for treatment. Even so, you might hesitate upon considering how your situation will affect all of your workplace relationships.

Always remember that your own health and wellness are the top priorities, especially in the case of a potentially life-changing injury. If you still have lingering concerns regarding how your colleagues will react upon your return, consider what might be going through their minds.

Will your coworkers resent you?

In many lines of work, the absence of one employee can lead to a more significant burden on the rest of the time. If you work in such an environment, it is nonetheless unreasonable for your peers to resent you for taking the necessary time off to recover. An accident that befalls one team member could just as easily put anyone else out of work for the same reasons.

Will your employer retaliate?

Generally, a company has little reason to complain when an employee files for workers’ compensation as it is part of their legally-required benefits offerings and the payout often comes from an external provider. If you have a malicious employer, however, they might attempt to use your injury as an excuse to label you as a liability or even fire you. South Carolina retaliation laws protect you from such actions.

Filing for workers’ compensation is a right that your employer and peers cannot disparage. If your workplace relationships do deteriorate as a result of your injury, it may be indicative of a toxic work environment that requires separate action to address.