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How can burn injuries happen during a truck accident?

Truck accidents can be intimidating and cause serious injuries that stick around for a long time. One issue that may occur in these accidents is burn injuries. Since fast speeds and commercial trucks are in the mix, it is important to understand how these burns happen in the first place. Cargo and hazardous materials Trucks often carry different kinds of cargo, and some of them can catch fire easily. If there is a crash, anything in the truck can spill out and make the fire risk worse. Things like chemicals and fuels can catch fire and make burn injuries worse, making it harder for emergency workers and doctors to handle. Vehicle design and safety measures The design of trucks and safety features play an important role in preventing or lessening burn injuries. Older trucks might not have the latest gear, making them more likely to have problems like fuel tank breaks. Newer trucks have better safety features, like stronger fuel tanks, to try and stop spills and fires after a crash. Emergency response challenges Truck accidents make it tough for people who come to help in emergencies. These trucks are big and heavy, so putting out fires and saving people can take a long time. 86% of burns come from thermal causes, and in addition, if the response takes too long, the flames and burn injuries can get more intense. The confusion and fear that occur directly after a commercial truck crash can linger in people’s minds, especially if they face fires at the same time. Knowing why burn injuries happen in truck accidents helps everyone be safer on the road.The post How can burn injuries happen during a truck accident? first appeared on Smith & Griffith, LLP .