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What are the worst effects of crush injuries?


What are the worst effects of crush injuries?

After getting into a car crash, injuries will undoubtedly follow. These can range from mild to severe depending on numerous factors.

Crush injuries may happen in a car crash and these are among some of the worst injuries that a person can suffer through.

Sources of crush injuries

Up To Date discusses crush injuries and their impacts. Crush injuries have a few common causes in car crashes. First: if the car ends up compacted in any way. For example, if someone hits the side of a car, the passenger’s hand may end up crushed between the chair and the door as it bends inward.

Another common source of injury happens if a person ends up ejected out of the vehicle. They could end up pinned between the car and the road, two vehicles, or the car and something else.

Crush injuries range from moderate to severe and typically do not include lighter, less notable injury. They also come along with some dangerous risks.

The risk of sepsis and infection

Sepsis is one potential risk. This may happen as the tissues begin to necrotize and die off due to oxygen deprivation. This opens the body up to the entrance of pathogens and bacteria, which can lead to infection.

Serious infection like gangrene may occur, putting limbs at risk of needing amputation. Sepsis is a form of blood infection that also progresses at rapid speeds, with some types killing a person in 72 hours after symptoms first appear.

Due to the effects of these injuries, it is important for victims to get immediate medical care.