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Can your child’s car seat survive a car accident?


Can your child’s car seat survive a car accident?

As all parents know, transporting children can be dangerous, as kids might not be big enough to use seat belts. Child car seats are the solution, of course. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, using a size-appropriate car seat reduces a child’s injury risk by as much as 82%.

While car seats are generally effective, they might not be durable enough to survive an automobile accident. Regrettably, damaged car seats may appear to be perfectly fine. While it is advisable to closely inspect your child’s car seat after a crash, you should know when it is critical to replace it.

The federal government’s recommendation

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, parents should discontinue the use of any car seat that has gone through a moderate or severe car accident. Put differently, it is only acceptable to use car seats that have been in minor collisions, such as a small fender-bender.

The disposal of damaged car seats

Too many potentially damaged car seats end up in thrift stores. This should alarm you and every other parent. To keep other kids safe, you must properly dispose of any car seat that might not be safe to use. To do so, clearly mark the seat as defective using a permanent marker or spray paint. Then, place the car seat in your garbage can or arrange for it to go to a recycling facility.

Ultimately, by disposing of your damaged car seat in a responsible way, you can keep it from ending up in the hands of a parent who does not know its history.