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Whiplash is a common injury after a rear-end car collision

Most drivers understand the importance of maintaining a slow speed and keeping a safe distance from other drivers. However, some fail to follow these measures, which can increase the risk of accidents and injuries. When drivers exhibit such carelessness, it can make the road riskier for everyone else and increase the likelihood of accidents like rear-end collisions. How does it happen? Rear-end collisions typically happen in two main ways. First, they occur when drivers tailgate or follow the car in front of them too closely. Second, they happen due to distracted driving. Distractions can include: Texting Eating Adjusting the radio Speaking with passengers Simply not paying attention to the road Both these situations can lead drivers to fail to notice a slowing or stopped car ahead, resulting in a rear-end collision even at normal speeds. More often than not, it’s the driver behind who is at fault, having failed to maintain a safe distance or keep their eyes on the road. Given this negligence, it's only right for the victims to seek compensation for their injuries and damage to their vehicle. Is whiplash a compensable injury? Yes, victims can often get compensation for a whiplash injury. However, the severity of the crash can affect the type of medical treatment needed—like physical therapy, medication or sometimes even surgery. The potential compensation amount, typically paid by the at-fault driver’s insurer, can vary based on factors like medical costs, loss of earnings and personal suffering. Starting a compensation claim involves steps like filing the claim, gathering evidence and possibly going to court, which can be complex. Victims suffering injuries like whiplash or others associated with rear-end crashes should consider consulting with a legal professional. They can provide valuable guidance in the legal process and help victims work toward compensation that can cover a wide range of costs related to their recovery.The post Whiplash is a common injury after a rear-end car collision first appeared on Smith & Griffith, LLP .