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Getting The Information Your Need Regarding Impairments And Disability Payments

Sorting out what to do when a work injury may be permanently disabling is a stressful, intimidating challenge. The decisions you make may determine your own and your family’s future financial stability. At Smith & Griffith, LLP, we have decades of experience in helping people understand and assert their rights.

This is a particularly complex area of workers’ compensation law – and you may need to consider other types of benefits that may be available as well. Impairment/disability is a medical and legal determination that requires knowledge of medicine, nonmedical vocational factors and how these are applied under South Carolina workers’ compensation law.

Are You Unable To Work At All? Unable To Return To Your Former Job?

You can take advantage of a free, no-risk consultation with John P. Griffith, an Anderson disability payments attorney who has been advocating for the injured for nearly 30 years. Mr. Griffith has in-depth knowledge of your legal rights and the processes required to obtain workers’ compensation and Social Security Disability Insurance benefits.

Understanding Impairments, Disability Ratings And Available Benefits

A wide range of severe work-related injuries can render a person unable to return to work at all. In other situations, it may be impossible to do the work you performed in the past, particularly if you earned your living in a physically demanding occupation such as construction or factory work.

Doctors assign impairment ratings, and these are converted to disability ratings for purposes of determining the workers’ compensation benefits you can receive. Based on your medical records and other factors, Mr. Griffith can determine whether you should be classified as having, for example, a:

  • Permanent total disability that prevents you from doing any type of work
  • Permanent partial disability (PPD) that may allow you to perform some work, but not to return to your previous job or work as productively as you did previously
  • Total temporary disability (TTD) that will prevent you from working for a significant period, but may allow recuperation with proper medical treatment

How much your weekly payments should be and whether a lump sum settlement may be available are complex issues. In addition, your eligibility for Social Security Disability benefits may depend on how your workers’ compensation claim is handled. Mr. Griffith will take steps to reduce the workers’ compensation offset from your Social Security Disability benefits. He helps those who were hurt while working construction, in a factory, as medical professional, in an office or any employee injured at their workplace.

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Dedicated injured workers lawyer John P. Griffith has helped hundreds of people get quality medical care and the weekly checks or settlements to which they were entitled. You will pay no attorney fees unless we succeed on your behalf. For the help you need now, call 864-261-1912 or contact us online.