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January 2015 Archives

Statistics and facts about texting on the road

People in South Carolina should be aware that texting while driving is not only illegal but poses a serious threat to road safety. Drivers who text are involved in more car accidents because of the distraction. The risk of being in an auto accident is 23 times as likely if texting while driving than if driving without distraction, according to the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute. The FCC is working with government and safety organizations to address this hazard, but individuals should still be wary.

The risk of hearing loss among workers in manufacturing

The Manufacturing Sector has one of the biggest workforces in the country and consists of a various group of industries, including food, beverage, furniture, wood products, chemical manufacturers and transportation equipment. Among these many industries is a risk of hearing loss, and South Carolina manufacturing workers might want to be aware of this risk.

Man struck and killed after South Carolina car wreck

A 61-year-old man who exited his vehicle to inspect the damage it sustained in an auto accident was struck and killed by another car on Interstate 77 in Fort Mill on Jan. 17. The crash happened around 1 a.m., according to the South Carolina State Highway Patrol.

Truck accident statistics demonstrate problems

According to the National Transportation Safety Board, recent crash statistics demonstrate a need to prioritize safety for large truck drivers. Large truck accidents happen far too often in South Carolina and around the country, and people in the accidents who are in other vehicles face a greater likelihood of being killed or suffering serious personal injuries.

A look at the cost of fall injuries and how to prevent them

South Carolina employees may be interested in the cost of one type of on-the-job injury and how it may be prevented. It may take coordination between numerous entities to create a real culture of safety in the workplace.

Alcohol-impaired driving statistics and prevention

South Carolina drivers and passengers might be surprised to learn that every 51 minutes someone in the United States dies because of an auto accident involving an impaired driver. Car accidents caused by alcohol-impaired drivers comprise 31 percent of the nation's traffic-related fatalities. A large number of children are among the victims, some who are riding with an impaired driver. There are, however, some effective measures to prevent injuries and deaths caused by impaired driving.

Whiplash injuries

A person involved in a car accident in South Carolina may experience whiplash as a result of their collision. Whiplash is a painful injury that occurs when a person's neck is violently whipped back and forth. This type of injury is frequently associated with car accidents because the impact of a moving vehicle may cause passengers to be pushed in several directions. Even a minor whiplash injury can be costly to treat and may take months to heal.

The frequency of drugged driving

It is illegal and very unsafe for drivers to get behind the wheel while under the influence of mind-altering drugs. Drivers in South Carolina might not understand the extent to which drugged driving is unsafe, but even small amounts of some substances can impair a driver's coordination, reaction time, perception, judgment and attention. This impairment has the potential to cause car accidents of varying severity.

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