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July 2015 Archives

Painkillers and and workers' compensation

Most employees in South Carolina are entitled to workers' compensation insurance coverage, and the benefits provided thereunder can help pay medical bills and prescription drug costs for injured workers. A recent report by the National Safety Council shows that opioid painkillers make up more than 25 percent of workers' compensation prescription drug costs. Opioid drugs can be addictive, and that can cause problems for both the users and their employers.

Robotics and the possibility of unsafe working conditions

Workers in South Carolina and around the country may have a new area of concern when doing their jobs. Robotic workstations are becoming increasingly prominent in many areas of employment. The fact that robots are performing a large number of jobs is receiving increased attention from the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The agency is determining how to protect workers from dangerous working conditions and being injured on the job when working with robots.

OSHA's rules on designing a workplace free of falling accidents

Falling is one of the most serious dangers that any industrial worker can face. The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration has issued a set of standards that are meant to protect a South Carolina worker from suffering a major injury or fatality because of falling. Although the rules recognize that many work sites are different, and some systems will be inapplicable under some situations, the maximum force that a worker can encounter from a fall is tightly regulated.

New regulations for confined space hazards in construction

OSHA has just issued new regulations setting standards for working in confined spaces in the construction industry. The new regulations will apply in South Carolina and around the country. A confined space regulation for general industry has been in place for more than 20 years, but the new standard applies specifically to the different types of conditions often present on construction sites.

OSHA is focusing on inpatient facilities

South Carolina residents may be interested in learning more about how the Occupational Health and Safety Administration has renewed its focus on nursing homes and health care facilities that may qualify for enforcement actions. The inpatient industry will be targeted by a new compliance initiative announced by OHSA on June 25. The new memorandum establishes guidance parameters for inspecting inpatient healthcare facilities.

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