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Top causes of disabling workplace injuries


Top causes of disabling workplace injuries

South Carolina workers in all different types of occupations can be injured due to overexerting themselves. According to the 2016 Workplace Safety Index that was released by Liberty Mutual on Jan. 14, overexertion tops the list of common causes of disabling workplace injuries. The second most common cause was listed as falls at the same level while falls to a lower level came in third.

Overexertion can often lead to musculoskeletal disorders. Data released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in November 2015 showed that 32 percent of workplace injuries and illnesses in 2014 were related to MSD. Some of the occupations most affected by musculoskeletal disorders were laborers, nursing assistants, and freight workers.

When a worker is temporarily or permanently disabled because of overexertion, the injury can have a significant financial impact on the employer. Statistics show that direct costs related to overexertion injuries cost employers $15.08 billion in 2014 while falls to the same level cost employers $10.17 billion. Lower-level falls were reported to cost employers $5.4 billion.

A worker can file a workers’ compensation claim if he or she has suffered an injury due to overexertion while on the job regardless of who was at fault. People who are disabled because of workplace injuries may want to pursue compensation for medical expenses and lost wages. If the exact cause of a worker’s injury is difficult to prove, an attorney may be able to help the worker gather enough evidence that shows that the injury was work-related.