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Volvo aims to make death-proof vehicles


Volvo aims to make death-proof vehicles

Many of the car accidents that take place in South Carolina and around the country could be avoided if cars were equipped with autonomous technologies, according to some car manufacturers. Recently, automaker Volvo announced that it had plans to create a ‘death-proof” car by the year 2020. Using a combination of various autonomous technologies, Volvo aims to design a car that will prevent fatalities and serious injuries.

To achieve its goal of manufacturing death-proof cars, Volvo plans to combine all of its autonomous technologies into one vehicle. One of these smart features is adaptive cruise control, a feature that uses radar to set a car’s speed to maintain safe following distances with other vehicles on the road. Adaptive cruise control can be combined with full collision avoidance so that a car will automatically apply its brakes when an impact is imminent.

Some of the newer autonomous technologies that Volvo plans to use include lane assistance and road sign detection. Technologies can also be installed on vehicles that detect pedestrians and then apply brakes automatically to avoid hitting them. As Volvo attempts to manufacturer a death-proof vehicle, it is also working on manufacturing a completely autonomous car that does not require a driver. Volvo has stated that it believes self-driving cars will soon be the safest vehicles.

Serious car accidents still take place despite improvements in vehicle safety technology. A person who was seriously injured in a car crash may be able to claim monetary compensation from the person who caused the accident. An attorney can help a car accident victim identify the at-fault motorist and gather evidence of monetary losses.