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DJ suffers injuries in car accident


DJ suffers injuries in car accident

South Carolina fans of Taylor Swift may be aware that her boyfriend, disc jockey Calvin Harris, was involved in a car accident May 20. The 32-year-old was a passenger in an SUV when the two-vehicle collision occurred. A 16-year-old girl drove the other vehicle, a Volkswagen Bug, and she reportedly lost control of the car. She was able to steer out of the way to avoid a collision with a mountain, but, in the process, she truck the vehicle in which Harris was riding.

Photos of the scene indicate significant damage to both vehicles. Harris was treated at an area hospital for minor injuries, including facial lacerations. He was later released. A passenger in the Volkswagen, another teen, was reportedly ejected from the vehicle. Her pelvis was broken in the incident, but she is expected to survive. Harris reportedly had to cancel at least two scheduled shows because of the incident.

In some cases, a driver may encounter poor road conditions that contribute to driving difficulties. Excessive speed could result in a loss of control as well. Vehicle defects can also play a role in serious accidents. At times, alcohol or drug use influences a driver’s abilities to manage their vehicle. It is important that authorities fully investigate a serious accident to identify such issues. This information can also be important for an individual who has suffered injuries or property damage as they consider whether personal injury litigation is appropriate.

In filing a personal injury claim, an affected party might seek reimbursement for damaged property to be repaired or replaced. Additionally, recovery of medical expenses and lost wages might come into play. Damages for pain and suffering are often considered in such cases as well. In order to recover compensation, a victim of a car accident might decide to consult a personal injury lawyer.