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Loggers work in most dangerous occupation in United States


Loggers work in most dangerous occupation in United States

South Carolina residents who work in the logging industry know that their occupation can be hazardous, but they may not know the extent of it. A report that has been issued by the Bureau of Labor Statistics based upon 2014 fatality data indicates the scope of the risk.

In that year, 78 loggers died from workplace injuries across the United States. While this may seem to be a small number, it actually translated into nearly 111 deaths per every 100,000, making the fatality rate the highest for any occupation. This compares to a fatality rate per 100,000 workers of 3.4 for all civilian occupations. The death rate for loggers may be so high because loggers work in forests, sometimes remote, with limited access to emergency medical care.

The occupation with the highest total number of fatalities in 2014 was listed by the BLS as “driver/sales workers and truck drivers”. Nearly 900 people in that profession died on the job in that year, but the per capita death rate of 24.7 placed it eighth on the list. The second most deadly occupation on a per capita basis that year was fishery, with 80.8 per 100,000. Behind that came airplane pilots and flight engineers, roofers and refuse and recyclable collectors. The top five held the same positions in 2013 as well.

No matter what their job, people may still die from workplace injuries while performing their duties. When a worker dies, surviving family members may be eligible for workers’ compensation death benefits for the loss of their loved one. An attorney can often explain the types of benefits that are available and assist the family in applying for them.