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Motorcycle accidents and myths about safety


Motorcycle accidents and myths about safety

Many South Carolina residents enjoy riding motorcycles both for pleasure as well as their primary modes of transportation. Motorcyclists are in greater danger of suffering severe injuries if they are involved in traffic accidents, and it's important for them to understand motorcycle safety. There are several myths about what is safe and what is not for motorcyclists.

Some people believe that motorcyclists who wear leather jackets and pants do so to make fashion statements. This is mostly untrue. Motorcyclists choose leather because it provides much better protection to them against scrapes while also keeping them warmer. Full-face helmets also are great and do not restrict the wearers’ peripheral vision, as the Department of Transportation mandates that all helmets provide 210 degrees of visibility.

Beginners may mistakenly believe that getting bigger motorcycles will be safer for them. Big bikes may actually be more dangerous for beginners since they are more difficult to maneuver and have engines with higher torque. Another mistake is believing that other drivers on the road will see the motorcyclist. Other drivers often do not, and motorcyclists who use defensive driving techniques such as riding near the center line are smart for doing so.

Some motorcycle accidents happen when the oncoming traffic fails to see a motorcyclist who is turning. Others happen when a car turns out into traffic in front of a motorcycle, causing collisions. Bikers may be left suffering from permanent disabilities even if they were driving cautiously at the time. If an attorney for an injured cyclist can determine that the collision was caused by the negligence of the vehicle driver, then a personal injury lawsuit seeking compensation for medical expenses and other losses could be successful.