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Ways to prevent accidents in the workplace


Ways to prevent accidents in the workplace

Many South Carolina workers may be unaware of how common or serious on-the-job injuries can be as well as their rights in the event that they are injured. Of the approximately 3 million injuries that happen annually in U.S. workplaces, around one-third require workers to take time off. However, there are steps that can be taken to prevent some injuries.

Falls happen frequently and are divided into two different types. One type is a fall from height and the other is a slip, trip and fall accident that occurs at the same height. The former may be prevented with safety equipment, adequate lighting in stairwells and equipment maintenance. For the latter, cleaning up spills and removing obstacles from walkways can help. People can also be struck by falling or swinging objects. Keeping objects secured and wearing hard hats and other safety equipment in work areas can prevent these types of injuries.

Many people are injured after overexerting themselves while lifting, pushing or carrying items. People should lift carefully, get help from others and stop if they are in pain. Repetitive motion injuries occur when people do not take enough breaks or have work stations that are not ergonomic. The incidence of work-related roadway accidents and being caught in machinery can be reduced with extra vigilance.

Sprains, strains or a brain injury can all occur occur in the workplace, and a person may be eligible for workers’ compensation if it occurs regardless of who is at fault in the accident. The injured worker might want to speak to an attorney about what to do if the employer discourages the filing of a claim. Employers are not permitted to retaliate against workers who are exercising this right, and this includes intimidation as well as actions such as demotion or termination.