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Major causes of car accidents


Major causes of car accidents

Many South Carolina drivers are confident in their driving skills. However, the number of deadly car accidents continues to increase. During 2015 alone, for example, the number of crash fatalities rose 8 percent, the highest jump in 50 years. The figures are even higher for 2016 as an estimated 40,000 people were killed in car accidents.

Rolling through a right turn at a red light is one of the major causes of car accidents. These often fatal car crashes occur when drivers fail to slow down at intersections. Usually, the drivers may look to their left to ensure that no other vehicles are coming. However, this prevents them from seeing a bicyclist or pedestrian on the right. This type of car accident accounts for 6 percent of pedestrian deaths. 21 percent of these fatalities are children. Drivers can avoid becoming involved in these types of accidents by making sure that they come to a full stop at a red light even if the intersection looks clear.

Another major cause of many car accidents is the driver falling asleep at the wheel. Although it is often difficult to determine how many fatigued drivers cause accidents, it is estimated that about 7 percent can be contributed to lack of sleep. Further, 21 percent of fatal car accidents appear to be caused by drowsy drivers.

Even car accidents that appear to be relatively minor can have major impacts on those who were involved. In some cases, people who were in a minor accident could suffer a traumatic brain injury, suffer seat belt injuries or even injuries to their neck or back. If another driver was determined to be the cause of the car accident, a personal injury attorney could work with the liable driver and insurance company to reach a settlement for compensation. This allows the injured person to focus on recovering.