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OSHA and NAWIC alliance is renewed


OSHA and NAWIC alliance is renewed

Women who work in the construction industry in South Carolina may benefit from the renewed alliance between the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the National Association of Women in Construction. The five-year association will address workplace hazards that concern women working in the construction industry. These hazards include sanitation, the selection of personal protective equipment, and workplace violence and intimidation.

According to an OSHA representative, women make up a small, but growing, part of the construction labor force. The alliance the agency has renewed with NAWIC will carry on the push for new and effective solutions to the unique health and safety hazards that are faced by female workers.

The participants of the alliance will provide information to construction workers and employers about how to identify and stop workplace hazards. They will also provide information about various OSHA campaigns, such as Heat Illness Prevention, the Safe and Sound Campaign for Safety and Health Programs and the National Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls in Construction.

The NAWIC was created in 1955 and offers professional and educational development prospects to the over 4,000 women who are a part of the construction workforce. Along with other groups that are dedicated to ensuring safe and health workplaces for workers, the organization takes part in the collaborative relationships promoted by the OSHA Alliance Program. The alliance partners aid OSHA with reaching its desired audiences. Workers and employers in construction and other high-risk industries are targeted to receive improved access to information and tools for workplace safety and health.