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January 2018 Archives

Timelines to keep in mind when reporting a car crash

South Carolina motorists generally dread dealing with the aftermath of a car accident. No matter how carefully one strives to remain a safe driver, everyone is at risk from distracted, drunk and other dangerous or negligent drivers. Auto accidents can cause severe injuries and ongoing medical problems as well as major property damage, but after a crash, those aren't the only things an accident victim has to worry about. Knowing how and when to report a car accident to the appropriate parties can be important.

New bill may mandate side guards on commercial trucks

More than 200 motorists die every year in what are called side underride accidents. This is where a vehicle collides into the side of a big rig and slides underneath. Drivers in South Carolina should know, however, that Congress members proposed a bill that would mandate side guards for trucks.

Fewer OSHA inspectors on staff than 1 year ago

The chance that safety inspectors might visit a workplace in South Carolina is probably lower than a year ago. Since President Obama left office, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration staff has lost 40 inspectors. An investigation of documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act by a major news network attributed the staff departures to layoffs.

Coal mining deaths nearly double in 2017

After seeing a record low of eight deaths in 2016, the U.S. coal mining industry has witnessed a dramatic rise in 2017. In that year, there were 15 deaths, with eight occurring in West Virginia, two in Kentucky, and one each in Alabama, Colorado, Montana, Pennsylvania, and Wyoming. South Carolina has insignificant coal reserves.

How teen motorcyclists can stay safe

Motorcycles have a 35 percent higher risk for fatal accidents than cars. The risk only grows greater when teens are the ones operating. In South Carolina and the rest of the U.S., the majority of teens opt for sports bikes; these account for more collisions than any other motorcycle model. Teen motorcyclists file 5.7 more accident claims than those between the ages of 35 and 50.

OSHA and NAWIC alliance is renewed

Women who work in the construction industry in South Carolina may benefit from the renewed alliance between the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the National Association of Women in Construction. The five-year association will address workplace hazards that concern women working in the construction industry. These hazards include sanitation, the selection of personal protective equipment, and workplace violence and intimidation.

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