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May 2018 Archives

Tesla CEO upset with news coverage of self-driving car crash

Many people in South Carolina are distrustful of self-driving vehicles. Considering that there have recently been several accidents involving autonomous technology, it's hard not to be. In May, the driver of a Tesla Model S collided with a Utah fire truck even though the Autopilot program was on. The driver survived with a broken ankle.

FMCSA reports increase in fatal truck crashes in 2016

Unfortunately, large truck accidents are all too frequent in South Carolina. Drivers who have become wary around commercial trucks and buses should know about a report from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration that reveals an increase in fatal large truck accidents from 2015 to 2016.

Improving worker safety with startup's new tech

Every year in South Carolina and across the U.S., companies and insurers pay out hundreds of billions of dollars in workers compensation claims. Reviewing these claims can be a drawn-out process wherever accurate data is lacking. Worldwide, workplace accidents take the lives of more than 1,000 people every day and injure over 500 people every minute.

Avoiding construction claims for falls

Construction employers in South Carolina are likely aware that falls from elevated surfaces are a frequent cause of injury in this field. Over the past five years, Nationwide Insurance has processed over 10,000 workers' compensation claims among construction companies, and 30 percent of them involved falls.

Seat belts lower chance of severe liver injuries

If drivers in South Carolina are looking for one more reason to wear their seat belts, they can consider the results of a new study. Researchers at NYU Langone Hospital-Brooklyn studied crash data in the National Trauma Data Bank spanning from 2010 to 2015. All of the cases involved patients aged 18 and over who either went to the hospital or died en route in the aftermath of a vehicle crash.

How business owners can keep their workers safe

With tight deadlines and a fast-paced work environment, employers may find it hard to enforce safety guidelines here in South Carolina. This can mean an increase in worker injuries, higher workers' compensation costs, higher medical expenses and a decrease in productivity. If employers show little concern about worker safety, employee morale can decline and the company can become less desirable in the eyes of new job seekers.

Parkland shooting gives rise to wrongful death suit

The Parkland school shooting that took place on Feb. 14 led to the deaths of 17 people. Residents of South Carolina should know that the father of one of the victims, who was a student, has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against several defendants. One of them happens to be a deputy sheriff who was assigned to the school.

Campaign aims to cut out traffic fatalities

Drivers in South Carolina often worry about the dangers that they could face when they get behind the wheel. A new project, called the Road to Zero Coalition, has been formed in order to make driving a safer proposition by achieving a dramatic reduction in traffic fatalities. Over 100 people die across the United States on the roadways every day, and car and truck accident deaths are preventable.

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