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Four causes of job-related back injuries and how to prevent them


Four causes of job-related back injuries and how to prevent them

Back injuries can cause problems in every aspect of life. From herniated disks to muscle strains, workers might find that back injuries prevent them from earning an income and being able to perform everyday tasks.

Knowing the most common causes of back injuries on the job may help workers avoid these hazardous situations.

1. Heavy lifting

A common cause of back injury is lifting and twisting while using improper techniques and support. These activities can lead to back injuries, such as pulled muscles and strains. To avoid injury, workers should use their leg and abdominal muscles to support their backs, wear back supports and get assistance when necessary.

2. Repetitive motion

Performing the same movement, especially twisting, is another way workers can injure back muscles, even when lifting is not required. Wearing back supports and using assistive devices could help prevent injury due to repetitive motions.

3. Sedentary positions

Sometimes lack of movement can cause just as much injury as improper movements. Poor posture and sitting in the same position for hours might cause back strains. Ergonomic chairs, walking and stretching during shifts and back support devices can prevent long-term problems.

4. Slips and falls

Finally, unexpected slips and falls can cause catastrophic back injuries. Falls could lead to slipped discs, fractured vertebrates and spinal cord injuries. To avoid these accidents, workers should be aware of the floor conditions and follow safety protocols when working above ground.

Taking precautions against back injuries is the easiest way workers can avoid debilitating conditions. However, filing a workers’ compensation claim may help cover medical expenses and lost wages when an employee suffers a back injury at work.