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Helpful terms to understand for workers’ compensation


Helpful terms to understand for workers’ compensation

Workers who end up injured on the job often opt for compensation. After all, even if they cannot work for the time being, they still have bills to pay and people to support.

The system for workers’ compensation is often confusing, however. It is full of complex terminology. Understanding at least some of these terms can make the process of applying for compensation that much easier.

Workers’ compensation depositions

South Carolina’s Workers’ Compensation Commission discusses the terms that apply to workers’ compensation in the state. Three of the most important terms to know are workers’ compensation depositions, average weekly wage, and workers’ compensation hearings.

Workers’ compensation depositions refer to situations where a person’s initial application ends up denied. Their lawyer may require them to fill out a deposition before requesting a hearing. In a deposition, the person will, under oath, answer various questions about their employability and injury.

Average weekly wage

The average weekly wage is also an important term to know, because this is how compensation gets decided. Injured workers in the state may receive up to 66.67 percent of their average weekly wage. A cap exists as well, and workers cannot earn more than the average weekly wage of South Carolina workers. Currently, this stands at $903.40.

Workers’ compensation hearings

As for workers’ compensation hearings, these occur in the event that someone’s application gets turned down. Hearings are short and often informal. A person may bring along witnesses and might have to answer some questions.

After a hearing, the person in question will receive a determination about their eligibility acceptance within a few weeks.