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What is an overexertion injury?


What is an overexertion injury?

One of the top types of injuries people suffer when making workers’ compensation claims is overexertion. These injuries result from pushing the muscles beyond their capabilities.

Overexertion injuries are not usually as traumatic as some other types of injuries. They often occur over time. But even being common, many people do not fully understand what they are.

Overexertion happens often

Overexertion injuries can occur in almost every industry and job. Something as small as stretching too far to reach a file could cause such an injury. Often, these injuries happen in manufacturing because of the repetitive and physical types of duties required in jobs in this sector.

In any situation, extending your muscles too far can cause them to become sore and inflamed. It can also aggravate other parts of the body, such as tendons and joints.

Situations that lead to overexertion injuries

Overexertion injuries often occur due to repetitive movement. Using a computer mouse could lead to such an injury. At the same time, lifting boxes or continuously having to turn your body could also cause this type of injury. Strains can occur over time, or you may feel the instant it happens due to pulling in the muscle. These injuries happen when you do not practice proper ergonomics. Many times, employers fail to provide ergonomic tools to ensure you do not have such injuries.

While overexertion injuries may not be as severe as some other work injuries, they are still serious. If you fail to seek treatment, you could suffer from additional problems that might cause you to have to stop working.