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What are non-economic damages from a truck accident?


What are non-economic damages from a truck accident?

Given the size of commercial trucks, victims of negligent truck drivers or trucking companies are often left with severe injuries and substantial financial, physical and psychological losses.

South Carolina personal injury law allows those victims to seek compensation for damages incurred, including non-economic losses.

What are non-economic damages?

Non-economic damages refer to how the truck accident impacted your mental and emotional health. Did you suffer post-traumatic stress, making it difficult to drive or manage your daily routine? Has the accident had a profoundly negative impact on your life? If so, you can seek compensation for those losses through civil court.

Common non-economic damages from a truck accident case include the physical pain and suffering caused by your injuries and the necessary medical treatments you had to undergo. It can also include the loss of the ability to enjoy life as you did prior to the accident.

How do you calculate non-economic damages?

Calculating non-economic losses is more complex than calculating economic damages. The emotional impact of your injuries has no inherent financial value. However, the court will allow you to assign a monetary value to each loss, typically using the multiplier method. This entails determining the full cost of medical expenses and multiplying it by a number between 1.5 and 5.

A higher number would indicate more extensive injuries. For example, a multiplier of four or five may be appropriate for injuries resulting in permanent disability.

As the claimant, you are responsible for proving the defendant’s negligence and connecting the damages you claim to the accident and your injuries.