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The impact of trauma and injury on a child


The impact of trauma and injury on a child

Many people recognize the damages that happen to an adult in an accident, but children who suffer a serious injury experience adverse effects as well.

Serious injuries can impact the emotional and development of children, as well as cause physical injuries. Some accidents could lead to long-term complications and the development of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Serious injuries and trauma to children

Trauma is any psychological or physical threat to a children’s safety, sense of self or survival or an incident that causes damage or injury. Any kind of suffering is a concern in the life and health of a child, but a serious, traumatic event has a devastating and lasting impact. Potential events that could lead to emotional or physical damage to children include:

  • Dog bite
  • Auto accident
  • Bicycle accident
  • Fire
  • Medical mistake
  • Abuse

Both being a victim and witnessing an event can present long-term concerns with a child’s development. In addition to emotional damage, children can suffer from disfigurement, scarring and long-term disability.

Serious injuries and emotional impact

Just like an adult who experienced a serious accident, post-traumatic stress disorder is a valid concern for children who received significant injuries in an accident. Although the symptoms of PTSD vary among children, some of the more common signs include changes in sleeping and eating habits, withdrawal, nightmares, refusal to talk about the ordeal and general detachment. These can affect a child’s future if not addressed.

Long-term disorders are often common among children who experience a traumatic event. Working with a counselor or psychologist after an accident can help a child process and work through their experience in a healthy way.