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What are the dangers of walking on scaffolding?


What are the dangers of walking on scaffolding?

As you continue to work in a construction zone, you may assume all scaffolds are safe to walk on. However, if your workplace does not regularly look for weaknesses and fails to complete several steps that they need to do, you may suffer from a severe injury.

Learning about the dangers of scaffolds and what personal injuries you may endure while on them can help you after an incident involving them.

Mistakes during the building process

According to the United States Department of Labor, a competent person needs to predict and point out flaws in a scaffold and must always talk with whoever is in charge before the scaffold continues in its building stages. If the workers do not put certain areas together correctly or fail to secure the platform you need to walk on, you could face a fall from several feet.

Falling on your back or harming your spinal cord can lead to struggles with driving, working or moving around freely.

Unsafe habits and distractions

When your coworkers are surrounding you, the last issue you want to face is them putting you in danger by throwing or dropping tools. You may also notice that other employees could brush past you or not follow safety rules while in tight spaces on a platform.

Loose electric wiring

Trying to do your job close to wires that are not properly connected can leave you with a serious injury. Your workplace needs to follow electrical regulations, especially around metal areas.

When you are dealing with an injury after working on a scaffold, understanding the ways this problem happens is key.