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Is it possible to avoid becoming a victim of a drunk driver?


Is it possible to avoid becoming a victim of a drunk driver?

Drunk drivers can cause serious problems on the roadways. They often move at high speeds, so when they end up in an accident, the injuries and damage are severe.

Most people would rather avoid them if possible. Sometimes, it is impossible to avoid an accident with someone driving under the influence, but the South Carolina Department of Public Safety explains every driver does have some steps they can take to be on the defensive and reduce their chances of becoming a drunk driver’s victim.

Stay alert

The best defense you have is to be alert. Do not get behind the wheel when you are not able to devote your complete attention to the task of driving. Make sure as you drive, you scan the roadway and pay attention to what is happening around you. Note drivers that are problematic and take action if you see something that is off.

Contact law enforcement

If you see something, say something. There is a reason for that catchphrase. Officers cannot be everywhere, so they rely on the public to help them find reckless drivers. If you notice someone swerving or driving excessively fast, call for help and alert the authorities so they can remove that person from the road before they hurt someone.

Keep your distance

If you do notice a driver who is driving erratically, you should keep your distance. Do not attempt to pass them to get ahead of them. Your best location is to stay behind them so you can watch and react to what they do. Do not follow them unless asked to by law enforcement.

It is not always possible to avoid a drunk driver, but by following these tips, you can at least be proactive against a potential drunk driving accident.