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February 2016 Archives

Industrial accident in South Carolina kills worker

A Feb. 25 accident in Richland County resulted in the death of a 36-year-old Connecticut man. The individual was working on a tank truck at the time of the incident. As the hydraulic system of the vehicle failed, he was caught between the tank and the bed of the truck.

The importance of respirators in the workplace

Workplace safety regulations in South Carolina and around the country are clear. If the workplace contains inhalable toxins or other harmful vapors, then the employer must provide functioning respiratory protection. Any failure on their part to keep the air clean and the breathing passages of their employees safe is a violation of OSHA regulations. Unfortunately, a large number of workplaces nationwide fail to observe these laws sufficiently, and thousands of employees pay the price.

NHTSA approves computer as driver in self-driving cars

On Feb. 4, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration sent a letter to Google that may hasten the speed at which South Carolina drivers see self-driving cars on their roads. The letter was in response to a proposed design that Google submitted to the agency on Nov. 12, 2015. According to the NHTSA, the software that is responsible for piloting the vehicles can be considered the legal driver.

Fall prevention on construction sites

The operators of any construction site in the state of South Carolina and the employers of any workers assigned to that work area are required by law and regulation to minimize their employees' exposure to the risks and hazards associated with falls from high places. OSHA regulations govern the circumstances under which fall protections must be instituted and maintained, and any failure on the part of the employer to observe these protocols may be met with fines or other adverse legal action.

Improving worker safety in the recycling industry

South Carolina residents may be surprised to learn just how dangerous recycling and waste management work can be. The Bureau of Labor Statistics ranks refuse collection among the 10 most dangerous civilian jobs in America, and more than 5 percent of the nation's recycling and waste management workers are injured in job-related accidents or become sick after being exposed to toxic substances in the workplace every year. However, the 27 fatalities recorded in the sector during 2014 were the lowest since 2010, and the National Waste & Recycling Association conducted training and education seminars at various locations around the country between Jan. 25 and Jan. 29 to further improve worker safety.

The dangers of hazardous energy in the workplace

South Carolina workers may not be aware of the dangers of hazardous energy, which can occur when various machines or equipment are unexpectedly started or release stored energy during maintenance. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, there are several million workers at risk for hazardous energy injuries, including machine operators, craft workers, laborers and electricians.

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