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April 2016 Archives

Campaign aims to raise awareness of electrical hazards

South Carolina residents might be interested to know that May 2016 is National Electrical Safety Month. The annual campaign sponsored by the Electrical Safety Foundation International is an effort to educate people about electrical safety and raise awareness of electrical hazards. The purpose of the ESFI is to promote electrical safety and reduce the incidence of electrical-related fires, injuries and property damage.

OSHA investigates cellphone tower accident rates

Many South Carolina residents would find it hard to imagine life without their cellphones, but they rarely pause to consider the dangers faced by construction workers who scale communications towers that sometimes soar several hundred feet into the air. The high fatality rate among these workers prompted the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to issue a Request for Information in April 2015, and the reliance on subcontractors by telecommunications providers and the pressure that these workers are often put under to complete their tasks quickly have emerged as leading causes of accidents, injuries and deaths.

People confused about safety of hands-free tech while driving

Many South Carolina motorists have seen other drivers distracted by a cellphone, and they maybe have even done so themselves. In an attempt to address the known hazards of this behavior, automobile manufacturers have increasingly added hands-free media and communications centers to vehicles.

Workers' comp insurers use social media to combat fraud

South Carolina employees may not be aware that insurance companies routinely use surveillance and social media to investigate workers' compensation claims. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, fraudulent claims cost insurers around $7.2 billion annually.

Sleep apnea increases risk of workplace injury

Sleep apnea affects millions of people across the United States, including many residents of South Carolina. Obstructive sleep apnea causes a person to wake up many times during the night when their airways become blocked. A Canadian study suggests this disruption of sleep may cause sufferers to be more at risk for workplace injuries during the day.

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