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May 2016 Archives

DJ suffers injuries in car accident

South Carolina fans of Taylor Swift may be aware that her boyfriend, disc jockey Calvin Harris, was involved in a car accident May 20. The 32-year-old was a passenger in an SUV when the two-vehicle collision occurred. A 16-year-old girl drove the other vehicle, a Volkswagen Bug, and she reportedly lost control of the car. She was able to steer out of the way to avoid a collision with a mountain, but, in the process, she truck the vehicle in which Harris was riding.

Loggers work in most dangerous occupation in United States

South Carolina residents who work in the logging industry know that their occupation can be hazardous, but they may not know the extent of it. A report that has been issued by the Bureau of Labor Statistics based upon 2014 fatality data indicates the scope of the risk.

Self-driving cars and the automobile insurance industry

The South Carolina automobile insurance industry functions and maintains its profitability by accurately judging the average risk faced by any given vehicle it insures as much precision as it can. The company then determines how much money it should take to pay for all the accidents that will statistically occur that year, then makes their profit by charging higher monthly premiums than they need to cover the liability and risk. Now this entire system may be at risk, because self-driving cars have extremely low accident rates.

Motorcycle accidents and myths about safety

Many South Carolina residents enjoy riding motorcycles both for pleasure as well as their primary modes of transportation. Motorcyclists are in greater danger of suffering severe injuries if they are involved in traffic accidents, and it's important for them to understand motorcycle safety. There are several myths about what is safe and what is not for motorcyclists.

Ways to prevent accidents in the workplace

Many South Carolina workers may be unaware of how common or serious on-the-job injuries can be as well as their rights in the event that they are injured. Of the approximately 3 million injuries that happen annually in U.S. workplaces, around one-third require workers to take time off. However, there are steps that can be taken to prevent some injuries.

Fatalities, severe injuries at work may be on the rise

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is concerned that workers in South Carolina and around the country are sustaining on-the-job injuries that are not being reported. Starting in 2015, the agency has changed its reporting requirements. In the past, a prompt report was only required in the case of a fatality. Now, employers are supposed to report serious injuries within 24 hours. However, OSHA says that it believes, based in part on workers' compensation reports, that half or more of all serious injuries are going unreported. Most of the reports it received in the past year were from large companies, and it may be that small and medium-sized companies do not realize that the requirements have changed.

Choosing the safest work boots

When South Carolina workers are outfitted with appropriate gear, unnecessary injuries can sometimes be prevented. One of the most important clothing items for workers in the construction and manufacturing industries is safety footwear, or work boots. When selecting work boots, both employers and their employees should make sure that the footwear meet both state and federal safety standards.

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