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August 2016 Archives

Agencies proposing forcible speed limints on trucks

South Carolina motorists may be interested to learn the U.S. government is considering requiring technology that would force drivers of semi-trucks and other large vehicles to dive slower while on the nation's highways. The federal agencies promoting the cap on speeds truckers can drive say doing so would reduce the number of accidents between trucks and smaller vehicles substantially.

When businesses offer workers' compensation

Employers in South Carolina and other states have certain responsibilities when their employees get injured while on the job. Most businesses are required to have workers' compensation insurance so that a worker receives part of their regular salary while recovering from a workplace accident.

Fatigue while driving may lead to fatal accidents

On Aug. 8, the Governors Highway Safety Association released a report that estimated that about 5,000 deaths in 2015 were because of motor vehicle accidents related to driving while drowsy. However, drivers in South Carolina and other states may not be aware of the dangers of driving while fatigued, and experts say that educating the public is critical.

Sistracted driving accidents and causes

South Carolina drivers may believe that texting is the major cause of distracted driving, but research shows that the scope of the problem is much larger. For example, Pokemon Go, the augmented reality game that allows users to collect digital creatures in real-world environments, has already led to distracted driving accidents. Other drivers are using mobile apps such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even Google Maps without realizing how distracting smartphone use can be.

Autonomous safety technology for road crews

South Carolina residents may have heard about the development of autonomous vehicle technology that aids in braking and avoiding rear-end collisions. Now, technology that is being developed may help to keep workers safer while they are performing jobs along roads and highways. The autonomous truck-mounted attenuator created by Royal Truck & Equipment is said to be the first of its kind.

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