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September 2016 Archives

Workplace accidents and reporting requirements

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has crunched a full year's worth of data since it launched severe injury reporting regulations at the start of 2015. This regulation requires employers in South Carolina and around the country to inform the agency within 24 hours of in-patient hospitalizations, amputations and eye losses of workers. The results revealed that 7,636 hospitalizations were reported along with 2,644 amputations in 2015.

Truck drivers and sleep apnea

Truck drivers in South Carolina and throughout the country may be required to undergo screening for sleep apnea under a proposed new regulation, but the potential rule has come in for a great deal of criticism as well. The Federal Railroad Administration and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration received nearly 600 comments on the issue both pro and con.

How employers can improve workplace safety

Business owners and human resources staff in South Carolina may want to consider how safe their workplaces are. Accidents can happen in any type of workplace from construction sites to offices. The first step is to take stock of the workplace's physical environment as well as any risks. This includes taking into account risks for employees who travel for the company.

Older drivers could be aided by new safety technology

For older drivers in South Carolina and across the U.S., roadway safety has become an important issue. Car makers are aware of this, and new safety technology is being offered to accommodate the Baby Boomers who are beginning to turn 70 years old. There is estimated to be approximately 20 million more drivers aged 70 or older on the roads by 2030.

The 30-minute break rule for truckers

A petition to rescind a rule requiring truck drivers to take a 30-minute break in their first eight hours of service was denied in August 2016. The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance represents North American truck and bus inspectors, and it sought to get rid of the rule arguing that it was too hard to enforce and did nothing to help keep roadways safe. However, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration denied the motion saying that violation data showed the rule was not too hard to enforce.

Concern expressed over rise in traffic fatalities

South Carolina motorists might want to be more careful while driving since the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released figures for traffic fatalities in 2015. More than 35,000 people died in automobile accidents in 2015, and this was a 7.2 percent increase over the previous year. Fatalities had been declining over the last few years due to better seat belt compliance, less drunk driving and safety technology such as air bags.

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