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August 2017 Archives

Workplace Injuries related to cured-in-place pipe repairs

While the cured-in-place repair process is a conventional procedure to fix water pipes in South Carolina and across the U.S., a new study says that it may not be safe for workers. Authors of the study, which was conducted through Purdue University, claim that the process should get re-evaluated due to its potential to release of harmful chemicals into the atmosphere.

Safety tips help composting workers avoid injury

Composting workers in South Carolina and across the United States have some safety tips to consider on the job. The Solid Waste Association of North America has published a safety guide for composting operations employees as part of their "Five to Stay Alive" program, which seeks to address some common workplace dangers.

Construction site accidents can be deadly

Construction workers in South Carolina may be at a greater risk of dying or being injured in an accident in which they are struck by an object, equipment or vehicle than workers in other industries. These were the findings of the Center for Construction Research and Training. The organization looked at injuries and deaths from 2011 to 2015 and found that there were in excess of 800 fatalities in accidents involving a worker being struck. Moreover, construction workers were almost two times more likely to be injured in such an accident than workers across all other industries put together.

Most truck accidents are caused by car drivers

Media outlets in South Carolina and around the country often run stories about tractor-trailer accidents when truck driver drowsiness, intoxication or distraction have been cited by law enforcement as factors, but data from the U.S. Department of Labor suggests that these reports may sometimes be misleading. According to the agency, automobile drivers are responsible for causing about 70 percent of the accidents involving large commercial vehicles, and almost 60 percent of those killed in truck crashes are passengers in cars or SUVs that strike tractor-trailers either in the rear or head-on.

Federal agency cancels plans for sleep apnea testing rule

Federal authorities are no longer pushing a proposed rule meant to establish specific criteria to screen truck drivers in South Carolina and across the United States for sleep apnea. On Aug. 4, 2017, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration issued a notice saying that the potential rule will be withdrawn.

Startup company develops wearable drowsy driver tech

Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests that drowsy driving causes an estimated 6,000 fatal traffic accidents each year in the U.S. Traditional remedies to combat fatigue behind the wheel include drinking coffee or energy drinks, lowering a window or pulling over to take a walk, but they rarely keep drivers alert for very long. The information age has yielded a variety of products that tackle age-old problems in new and novel ways, and a startup company called Creative Mode has developed a device that uses the latest wearable technology to monitor drivers in South Carolina and around the country and alert them when fatigue seems likely.

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